Bohemi: Luxoro 2021 special label

This year La Commerciale S.r.l. had the honor to collaborate with leading companies in the label sector for the creation of Bohemi Luxoro 2021 special label. A very complex but fascinating project that we loved from the beginning. In this short article we will present you the project, from the design phase to its realization. Enjoy the reading!

Nature and passion

Bohemi has always been the most representative wine of Tenuta Le Fracce and takes its name from the Andalusian horse so loved by the lawyer Fernando Bussolera, the founder of the estate.
The Le Fracce company was founded more than a century ago on the hills of Oltrepò Pavese; in the mid-1950s, the lawyer Fernando Bussolera bought a residence at the foot of the hills and so the vineyards inherited from his father Giulio, Fernando joined new vineyards and a park, giving life to a real vineyard with a garden: 100 hectares of wonders naturalistic. Over the years, the estate has been enriched thanks to the strong passions of the lawyer that ranged between nature, art and science and which led to the birth of the Bussolera-Branca Foundation.
Today the experience of the Foundation encompasses all the wealth of knowledge and love for the territory that has been collected over the years: flora, fauna, art, collectible cars and carriages. The headquarters of the Bussolera-Branca Foundation is a place where the interaction between man, art and nature creates a mosaic of rare beauty in which we can also find the cellars of Tenuta Le Fracce.
The symbol of this passionate life is Bohemi, the Andalusian horse of the lawyer, a majestic horse to whom a wine was dedicated. Bohemi represents the maximum expression of the winery activity and its label has never changed since the beginning of the years’ 80.
This is our label restyling project based on the proposal and design of Mario Di Paolo of Spazio Di Paolo.

The label

Di Paolo’s inspiration comes to life from the place and emotions that the experience of the Foundation and the discovery of the passions of the lawyer Bussolera, his love for nature, art and strong affection for Bohemi arouses. Bohemi is a free and imposing spirit who becomes the protagonist of the project and well summarizes the human relationship with the territory.
The peculiarity of Bohemi Luxoro 2021 Special  label is the tone-on-tone processing of the figure of the Bohemi horse made with a dry multi-level relief, a permanent monumental sculpture. The dry embossing was made on Fasson® Paper New Black FSC laminated with Fasson® Silver Foil Embossed FSC, papers supplied by our partners at Avery Dennison. The multilevel relief was obtained thanks to the use of a hinderer + mühlich Italia cliché, a perfect reproduction of the horse’s body showing the musculature of the running animal and the mane in motion.
The paper was chosen in black to create a contrast with the hot stamped gold foil. The door is an architectural structure, a symbol of relationship that merges nature with man and opens the way to the illumination represented here by the ray of golden light.
La Commerciale Srl was in charge of the production and finishings of the label.
On the label we also find a black hot stamped foil both on the name of the wine and on the seal with the Luxoro logo, creating a tone-on-tone effect.

The partners

Customer: Le Fracce
Art Direction: Spazio Di Paolo
Papers: Avery Dennison
Printing and finishing: La Commerciale Srl
Cliché: hinderer+mühlich Italia

Certificazione di Sistema di Qualità | DNV-GL
Forest Stewardship Council