Few graphic design companies can claim both tradition and experience on par with La Commerciale.

Since 1945 until today, through four generations, we have evolved through every phase of modern typography.
We got our hands dirty with inks and lead letters; we experimented with phototypesetting techniques; we used the earliest computers for electronic typesetting and digital graphics; and finally, we acquired the most efficient machines for sheet fed offset printing and reel printing using mixed media and digital techniques and, of course, the best graphics software on the market.

Keeping technologically and professionally up-to-date has always been at the center of our growth, with an eye towards artisan tradition for our work. We are capable of envisioning the printing project from beginning to end, starting with the materials, colors, and physical shape to guarantee quality and uniqueness without equal—a work that strives towards perfection.

The first headquarters of La Commerciale was the small shop that Cesare Artuffo opened in Alba in 1945 along the central street Vittorio Emanuele. After the war, Alba was located at the center of an extremely poor territory; but it was an area that had already begun to see signs of future progress.

The following economic recovery gave La Commerciale the chance to work with the biggest business enterprises in the zone. In 1961, the company moved its productive center to Corso Asti, where we are still located today.

In the 1970s, Adriano Artuffo, son of Cesare, took over La Commerciale. Our father was a great innovator and master typographer, under whose tutelage many of today’s professionals in Piedmont were formed.

A pioneer of electronic photocomposition, he revived the business by utilizing the most avant-garde technology and acquiring important clients from the industrial and viticulture sectors.

In the 1980s, Mauro and Paolo Artuffo entered the business. It was the epoch of the computer and offset printing, from electronic typesetting to laser. It would revolutionize the industry’s way of working with the printing press.

We invested in new technology, transforming our work with avant-garde lithography that managed all processes internally, including digital and electronic work, printing, and delivery of the final product.

«When it came to technology, we didn't ask ourself if it was worth it but only if it was going to help us do better»

Mauro Artuffo

In 1994, the devastating flooding of the Tanaro River destroyed a most part of our machines. It was a catastrophic event, but we emerged with renewed energy and the will to forge ahead.
We repurchased the lost machines and technologies, marking a definitive passage to the digitalization of the prepress processes, implementing techniques for enhancement and high quality finishing.

Between the end of the 1990s and early 2000s, we defined ourselves by printing on packaging, brochures, and auto-adhesive reel labels. We were the first in the zone to use machines with mixed techniques that were able to make enhanced labels with all the printing techniques in just one run.

In the most recent years, production has been oriented towards printing high quality labels using particular materials, forms, and unique working methods with a high added value.

Finally, in 2014 our team grew with the new additions of Federica, Stefano, and Carolina Artuffo. They are the fourth generation of a story that began seventy years ago with their great-grandfather Cesare. We place our trust in them to guide the company through the challenges of the new millennium.

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